Rental Terms

In case of completing 23 years of age and having at least a 2-year-old driving licence you can rent a car from our company.

At least one day. Special prices are used for long time rental.

Inspection and third party insurance (within the legal policy limitations) are included to the price. Fuel belongs to the renter.

Rent cost is charged at the beginning of the rental. The shortest rent duration is 24 hours and the delays over 4 hours are charged as a full-day. Advance payment condition (deposit) is not applied for the owners of valid Master Card and Visa.

All our cars have complete physical damage insurance. However, in order to do these insurances valid; traffic accident report and alcohol report must immediately be written and sent in 24 hours to our office, during an accident not to be fully faulty, not to drive the car under alcohol or drug, or over the allowed speed limits. Otherwise, the driver will be responsible from the whole damage. In case of theft of the rented car, the renter must bring the car key, the car licence and police reports to our company. In order to drive the car by a second person other than the renter, it is only possible, if his valid ID and driving licence are registered in the contract. Otherwise, the insurance will be invalid and the renter will be responsible from the whole damage.

The traffic fines belong to the renter. In case of accident, if the driver is fully faulty and does not inform our office in 24 hours after the accident, the duration in the repair service or the duration due to the traffic stops because of any reason will be added to the rent cost.

On demand, you can rent a driver for 40 € (Euro) a day.

On demand, at least 48 hours in advance, a child safety seat and a navigation kit will be given for free of charge.

Please call us for special prices for long time rentals.